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Anti-Bacterial Wipe Clean Pull Cord Accessory Pack Quantec NCP13Q

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A simple and cost-effective means of updating existing ceiling pulls to comply with the stringent hygiene regulations of many health authorities and inspection bodies.

A BS8300 compliant anti-bacterial wipe-clean pull cord pack suitable for use with C-TEC's Quantec and 800 Series ceiling pull units.

Contains 3m of red vinyl encapsulated cord, two triangular bangles and a red fixing bullet.

Cord has integral properties that can help prevent the spread of infections such as MRSA, e. coli, c. diff, S Aureus, and the Norovirus.

Ideal for use in hospitals, nursing and care homes, doctors' surgeries, clinics, and any other area where infection control is imperative.

Easy to clean using a clean cloth and mild detergent.

Also compatible with many other manufacturers' ceiling pull units

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